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Tissue Box Wall Mounted Waterproof

Tissue Box Wall Mounted Waterproof

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About this item:

1. Wall-mounted storage double-layer tissue box, the upper layer can be non-slip storage of cell phones, glasses, watches, jewelry, small items, etc., and the middle layer can be used to store personal space, personal belongings, sanitary napkins and so on.

2. Suitable for wet environments, even in rainy weather, paper towels will not get wet. Installation method without drilling, strong load-bearing capacity, strong adhesion, tight seams, good waterproofing, no need to drill holes, no damage to the wall

3. Good load-bearing effect, durable, Scandinavian minimalist style, texture fashion, home environment more tasteful

4. Both rolls and paper can be stored. It is very smooth when taking paper towels. Open the front cover and you can place it. You can observe the use of paper towels and replenish them in time.

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