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Diamond Rolling Knife Sharpener

Diamond Rolling Knife Sharpener

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Effortless, precise sharpening without the mess.

Traditional sharpening takes time to master. With the patent-pending Rolling Knife Sharpener, anyone can get factory-sharp knives in minutes. Includes the 20° and 15° sharpening angle and magnetic knife holder to secure your blade. Roll the sharpening disc back and forth until sharp. Flip Rolling Sharpener over and hone the edge using the stainless steel disc.

Achieve chef-like sharpness in minutes

Revolutionize your kitchen experience with the Rolling Knife Sharpener - our efficient and comprehensive solution to a dull blade

Quick, precise and long-lasting sharpness for all knives

Our Rolling Knife Sharpener - resharpens blades to renew the life of your knives. Precise enough to protect the surface of Damascus knives and other artisan cutlery, it sharpens cleavers, paring knives and everything in between. Get it now!

Easy, Fast, and Reliable!

Elevate your sharpening skills to an expert level with minimal effort and simple-to-follow steps.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Eula Hayes

I 've sharpened 2 knives and cut wonderfully.

Lance Padberg

I still have to test!

Trevion Hoeger

Thanks this is great devices

Brian Mills

easy to use, would be nice if different sanding discs were available

Rashad West

The knife sharper works perfectly, I think it is on par with the original! I like it a lot and I would buy it again.