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Children led projector drawing table toy

Children led projector drawing table toy

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Details: Children can draw on the table or picture book according to the pattern projected by the projector. Includes 3 projected slides. Each slide has 8 different modes (24 modes). Cultivate color perception and imagination, and increase the baby's interest in painting. Train children to use their hands and coordinate their eyes and brain. How to use it? There are detailed pictures on the details page. Due to transportation problems, this product does not contain batteries. The battery needs to be assembled by itself, which increases the fun.

Material: ABS Size: as shown in the figure Color: pink, blue, yellow.

Use steps: 1. Three AA batteries need to be installed (not included)

2. Install the projection head on the drawing board.

3. Insert the projected slide into the head.

4. Secondary plane switching, primary plane projection, secondary projection+music box: 1 table, 3 standard slides, 1 eraser board, 1 blank album, 12 ink pens. Our advantages: factory delivery, good service, fast delivery and quality assurance. Wholesalers and dealers are welcome to cooperate. Give you the best price and better service. Note: Please put the screwdriver aside after use and do not let children play.

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